Sankalp Beautiful World’s Support Activities during COVID-19

April 29, 2020

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The Need for Prioritizing Cancer Surgeries Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Article by Dr. Arvind Krishnamurthy

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SANKALP Covid-19 releif, 2020

1. Snehalaya Cancer Home which is managed by Can Kids Foundation has 17 families and 45 people.The home provides accommodation to around 20 pediatric Cancer patients who come to Chennai for treatment along with parents. Sankalp Beautiful World provided 1 month Groceries as requested by the foundation to feed the children’s and families at Can Kids,Chennai.This was funded by Mr.Chella Babu working at Dow Chemicals.


2. Yougurt helps in building better immune and helps in fighting disease like Cornona virus.With the support from Drum Foods pvt ltd we could provide Epigamia yogurt to Doctors, Nurse, Police officers, Traffic Police Officers,Sanitation workers in Chennai.Till date we have distributed 43270 cups of Yogurt , Curd and smoothies to Government Hospitals like MMC , KMC ,Royapetta Government hospital , Stanley Hospital and Omandaruar Hospital, Tamil Nadu Multi specialty hospital, VHS , Can Care Palliative care , Kumaran Hospitals ,Freedom From Cancer Foundation , Adyar Cancer Institute , Jeevodhya Palliative care,Pope John Cancer center,Police Officers at Commissioner of Police office , Chennai and Superintendent of Police office at Ranipet, Traffic Police offices at Chennai.We thank Drums Food International Pvt Ltd for providing more than 35 lac INR worth yogurt, Curd and Smoothies to distribute.

3.Total mask received 14000.Provided 3000 3 ply mask to Cancer Institute, Adyar , Chennai ,1200 mask to Anandam old age home, 200 mask to Child trust hospital , 2000 mask to police department at Ranipet district, 800 mask to MMM hospital and 5800 mask to Cancer patients and cancer winners. Supported by donors HUL , Drums Food International Pvt ltd and Surgiwear medcare.

4.Dogs on road left hungry has potential to die and may result in further health hazards.To prevent this in association with Pedigree India we feeded the strays in chennai with 5.4 tonns of pedigree dog and whiskas cat food apart from that we have been feeding the cows in the roads of chennai with fruits and vegetables.Initiated discussion with Royal Cannin and supported Save Shakti Foundation with Dogs and Cat food to feed the strays on streets of Chennai through the foundation volunteers.

5.To keep the motivation high we provided our Police Officers and Doctors,Nurse and Sanitation workers across India with Bounty,Snickers,M&M,Skittles and DB chocolates with the support from Mars India.Thanks Mars India for supporting our initiative to salute our covid warriors with more than 5 CR INR worth Chocolates to distribute across India.

6. SANKALP Groceries kit distributed to more than 850 Cancer patients and survivors at Chennai.Cancer Patients and Survivors need to have good food and ensure the immune system is in good condition.To support the needy cancer patients we at SANKALP Beautiful World distributed Groceries kit with the support from our Donors. We plan to support Cancer patients and survivors under this program in Chennai till October 2020.

7.Provided Lifebuoy Hand sanitiser 500 units with the support from Unilever to Cancer Institite , Adyar and 1500 units of 500 ml Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer to Police Officers at Commissioner of Police,Chennai..Deep gratitude to Hindustan Unilever for providing Sankalp Beautiful World more than 4 lac worth of Lifebuoy hand sanitizers and mask to Sankalp Beautiful World.

8.Thanks to Colgate Palmolive for providing us 1200 pcs of Colgate Tooth paste 100 gm and 1200 pcs of Super flexible tooth brush to handover along with groceries kit to cancer patients at chennai.

9.Provided 325 units of Palmolive hand wash and 225 units of Horlicks protien pack to Cancer Institute as iniatial response to support the cancer patients at the Hospital. Distributed Colgate Tooth paste 20 gm and tooth brush to along with Groceries kit.

10. With the support from Parle we delivered 36 case of Parle G biscuits to Police department at Ranipet apart from Cadbury chocolates and 8 case of Parle Hide & seek to traffic police department in chennai. 960 packets of AVT tea and 300 jars of AVT Coffee was provided by Mr.S.Chandrasekaran, Rocky Agencies , Chennai to distribute.Our gratitude to Mr.S.Chandrasekaran for providing us with the Parle G , Cadbury chocolates and AVT stocks as donation.

11.Handed over 400 N9000ING Mask from 3 M and 390 face mask shield to our expert panel of Doctors for better safety.

12.Thanks to Unicharm for providing more than 2000 Sofy Sanitary pads (worth 35000 INR) to distribute along with groceries kit to cancer patients at chennai.

13.Thanks to Danone India for providing Protinex products worth 5 lac INR ( 25000 25 g sach).We handed over along with groceries kit to cancer patients at chennai , Police officer at Ranipet district, Government Hospitals , Cancer Institute , Freedom From Cancer Foundation , VHS , Can Care , Anandam Home and Traffic Police officers.

14. Thanks to Cargill India for providing 2 tons of Nature Fresh Sampoorna Atta to Sankalp Beautiful World.The atta is added along with groceries kit to Cancer Patients and Cancer winners.

15. Mr.Myilvaganan, Superintendent of Police , Ranipet has provided 100 groceries kits to distribute to needy Cancer Patients and Cancer Survivors.

16. Mr.Sairam and his Ramu Lalitha Trust have been of huge support to our activities. The trust has provided financial support towards groceries kits to Sankalp to handover to cancer patients and cancer winners.

17. Migrant Guest Workers were provided food by Anandam old age home. Anandam Old age home provided food to serve 7000 migrant guest workers who were travelling back to home town.

18. Special mention to Mr.Sundar of Pepsico India. Mr.Sudar supported migrant guest workers with 480 Aquafina 500 ml water bottles.

19. Prem enterprises provided Nivea Soaps and Face wash which was handed over to refugee camp at Salem and migrant guest workers at Chennai.

20. Parle Biscuits India Pvt Ltd has provided 109350 packs(135 case)of Parle Marie biscuits and 3600 packs ( 25 cases) of Milk Sakthi biscuits to Traffic Police department at Chennai and Police department at Ranipet. This initiative is to support our covid warriors who are working tirelessly during these difficult times.

Scientists at Sankalp participated in the program on Covid-19 in Kalaingar TV