Volunteers will be tasked with spreading the word about Sankalp - educating individuals in the volunteer's local community about the mission and work of Sankalp, and building support in the form of members and volunteers. Volunteers should consider ideas such as organizing Sankalp booths at local events.

Required Time Commitment: 2+ hours per week for at least one year
Skill Requirements: Fluency in English/Tamil, experience with email, good understanding of Sankalp's work.


Sankalp is working on issues that may be eligible for grants from Foundations, individuals, and governments. A grant writer would be responsible for finding grants that Sankalp would be eligible for, writing a grant application in coordination with Sankalp staff, and following up on the application.

Time Commitment: 2+ hours weekly for at least 6 months
Skills needed: Experience with grant writing is required. Familiarity the Internet, creativity, writing skills, and strategic thinking are important.


This role involves increasing awareness of Sankalp and its work on college campuses. The goal would be to increase student participation in Sankalp, build partnerships between Sankalp and campus organizations, and to educate the campus community about Sankalp.

Time Commitment: 2+ hours weekly for the duration of the college year
Skills needed: Strategic thinking and outgoing personality. Ideally, a student would be best for this role, but faculty and other individuals in the campus community are eligible.

Please Apply using the form here or send a mail with subject starting with "SANKALP VOLUNTEER" to info@sankalpbeautifulworld.org


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