To create a Global Coalition that fortifies the world against the Ills of Cancer.


To reignite hope in every cancer patient in the world through best in class palliative, consultative, financial, emotional and spiritual support and to energize all forms of science to find a cure.



ARREST - Building awareness for Prevention of Cancer

A challenge in our country is the lack of awareness, abundance of misinformation, and fear of cancer. With the current lifestyle changes in India, this challenge increase and the number of cancer cases has grown considerably. New forms of the cancer, and its mutations, are being identified.

The good news is that there is much research and knowledge that is building about cancer and its mutations. With this knowledge, we are equipped to live and lead healthier lifestyles. At Sankalp, we bridge the gap to bring awareness of these advances and methods.

We are actively creating awareness about cancer and advising on how to lead healthier lifestyles. The target audience has been high risk groups and future care-givers. Under the stewardship of Sankalp, we have organised 42 programmes where we have worked with 17,584+ individuals in our outreach programs and road shows.

Having created awareness, our recent efforts have been directed towards screening members of high risk groups.


SHADOW - Be a valuable partner in the Cancer Patient’s Journey

As members at Sankalp, with a growing empathy, we understand that the average cancer patient sees a large void instead of the promise of a future. We understand and believe that this void needs to be filled with adequate emotional, financial, and moral support. At Sankalp, we have committed ourselves to be valuable partners in the journey of cancer patients. Our efforts have been directed at reducing the financial burden of the patients while at the same time, supporting them through the journey. We provide counselling on the steps they need to take while also providing a platform to voice their needs so, together, we can alleviate their suffering.


Energise - Eradicating the Ills of Cancer in the Country

Create a platform that will share ideas to facilitate discovering a cure for cancer. Promote dialogue with government, and related agencies, to drive down costs of cancer cure in the country. Partner and support the medical ecosystem in identifying cheaper diagnostic tests. Work with the insurance system and government to identify/provide cover for the financial burden of cancer.



FORTIFY - Improve the Cancer Care infrastructure in the Country

This is just the beginning. We fully understand there is a long way to go. But it is our focused mission to reignite hope in every cancer patient and make their lives beautiful again. We are also aware that while our contributions are making a difference, we need to do more on establishing new cancer infrastructure that makes an positive, healing, impact. We will continue this mission till cancer is eradicated. Under this pillar our focus is to deploy state of the art equipment for Cancer Centres. We are partnering with Adyar Cancer Institute in setting up satellite screening centres in various districts of Tamilnadu.