Sankalp Beautiful World was established on 14th December 2015 under the leadership of the former Chief Election Commissioner, late T. N. Seshan. Sankalp Beautiful World is guided by a team of 21 professionals including doctors and academicians dedicated to the mission of eradicating cancer while alleviating the suffering it causes. Goutham Chander witnessed the impact of a close colleague’s daughter affected by cancer, it ignited in him a passion to establish an entity  that would provide hope for the suffering and one day eradicate the cause. That passion is  Sankalp Beautiful World. Sankalp Beautiful World grows today as an organization that seeks to provide hope and solutions to those suffering from cancer.

Samaira’s Story

Samaira was a chirpy girl going to school happily and enjoying her extra-curricular activities. Samaira’s mother Preeti used to drop Samaira to get on the school bus and she later went to her office. One evening, when Preeti returned back from work, she found that Samaira had very high fever.

Preeti took her to a Pediatrician near their house. The Doctor checked Samaira and prescribed some antibiotics. After few days, the fever did not come down. So the doctor advised them to take few blood tests. When the blood tests results came, there was no trace of Malaria, Typhoid, or Dengue. But the hemoglobin count in Samaira’s blood was around 8.5 as compared to the normal range of 11-14. The doctor told Samaira was anemic and prescribed B complex tablets and another course of antibiotics.

Samaira’s fever did not drop and there were no signs of improvement in her health. So, Samaira’s parents changed the Doctor. This Doctor also advised blood test and this time the hemoglobin count was just 6.5. There was no improvement in the health of Samaira even after another bout of antibiotics.

Samaira’s mother was restless and unable to sleep. In the wee hours, she browsed the internet and searched for reasons for low hemoglobin content in the blood. One of the reasons that popped up was leukemia or blood cancer.

Preeti wanted to take Samaira to a Multispecialty Hospital and visited Apollo Children’s Hospital and met a pediatrician there. The Doctor advised Samaira’s parents to admit her in the hospital and get some tests done. The test results were ready in the evening. The Doctor called Samaira’s parents and informed them that Samaira was suffering from blood cancer. The parents insisted on one more round of tests. This time, tests done by a pediatric oncologist on the bone marrow showed that Samaira was suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).

The Doctor’s advised to do a blood transfusion and later move Samaira to Apollo Cancer Institute. Samaira underwent treatment under a group of doctors who called themselves Hematology Oncology Pediatric Experts (HOPE). After few rounds of treatment, Samaira is now in the best of health and is back to school.

The Founders of Sankalp were aware of the treatment process, anguish, and financial hiccups that cancer patients like Samaira underwent. This event of Samaira motivated Goutham Chander to form Sankalp Beautiful World in December 2015.