Request a Grocery Kit

In its ongoing endeavor to support cancer patients and survivors, Sankalp Beautiful World has launched an initiative to distribute Grocery Kit consisting of essential food supplies as below:

  1. Rice – 10 kg.
  2. Atta – 1 kg.
  3. Toor Dal – 1kg.
  4. Salt – 1kg.
  5. Cooking oil – 1 lt.
  6. Chilli powder – 500 gms.

One Grocery kit per family, is being provided FREE of cost to cancer patients or cancer survivors.Apart from donors support the kits contains 30 face mask for each cancer patients, 1 Colgate 100 gm tooth paste, 1 Colgate Super flexi tooth brush, Epigamia yogurt 14 cups, Danone Proteinx ( pediatric cancer patients only), Unicharm Sofy sanitary pads depending upon stocks provided by the manufactures as free towards this iniative of Sankalp Beautiful World

To-date we have distributed Grocery Kits to more than 800 patients and aim to support at least 1,500 patients under this initiative at Chennai.

Cancer patients or survivors in Chennai city may request the above kit for free, by filling in the form below. The city area covered under this program is Chennai city only for now and will be extended to other cities later.

Cancer hospitals and organisations working with Cancer patients and survivors, may also request this Grocery Kit on behalf of families who need this assistance, by filling in the form below. Due to limited supplies, please submit only ONE request per family. Thank you.

This initiative is available at Chennai