The objective of Cancer Winner’s Club is to provide right guidance to the new patients through such patients who are fully cured of the disease. The cured patients living in different parts of the state are the members of the club. 

These cancer winners would encourage the new cancer patients in their respective areas to undergo appropriate medical treatment in order to become winners like them.  On registration, in addition to providing guidance about the right treatment to pursue, we will connect new members with cancer winners living in the area new you to allow you stay connected to a local support group. This way, the winners and new patients could remain in contact and the winners would encourage and guide the latter towards a healthy state of body and mind.

It strikes better on a new patient when a cured cancer patient tells in a friendly way that the disease is curable and shares his/her experience. Names and contact details of the cancer winners is maintained in the club and they are also provided literatures regarding symptoms to create awareness and give a positive message to the society.

We look forward to active participation from Cancer survivors to help motivate and share your success stories in your fight against Cancer. Please fill-up the form below and we will keep you updated on club events and happenings. Thank you.