Dear Sankaplian’s,

During my recent visit to Tuticorin, I met Dr. Lalitha Subramaniam at G.H. Tuticorin hospital, where her commitment to healthcare, especially for cancer patients, left a profound impression on me.

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The Radiation Oncology center at G.H. Tuticorin is reminiscent of an Apollo clinic, with its cleanliness, serene ambiance, and thoughtful amenities. Dr. Lalitha’s dedication has made her a healthcare icon in South Tamil Nadu, and she deserves our admiration.
I learned about the urgent need for an additional vehicle to transport and treat cancer patients from Madam Berlin, who manages these services. With the support of our Sankalpian’s community, we can make a significant impact by acquiring another vehicle for G.H. Tuticorin.

Please join us in this endeavor to improve the lives of cancer patients in Tuticorin and the surrounding areas.

With gratitude,
Team Sankalp & Sundar