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Sankalp Beautiful World is an organisation established with a vision to fortify the world against the ills of cancer. It is our unstinting mission to reignite hope in every cancer patient through the best in class palliative, consultative, financial, emotional and spiritual support.

Sankalp has been established under the leadership of our Chairman and Former Chief Election Commissioner, Shri. T. N. Seshan. Our Board of Trustees include a set of pre-eminent personalities who hold key responsibilities in Government, Healthcare, Education Industry and Social Work. We believe that we can play a compelling part in the journey of a Cancer Patient. The FOUR pillars of our focus are:

i. ARREST: Building awareness for Prevention of Cancer

ii. FORTIFY: Improve the Cancer Care infrastructure in the Country

iii. SHADOW: Be a valuable partner in the Cancer Patient’s Journey

iv. ENERGIZE: Eradicate the Ills of Cancer in the country

We have embarked on our vision to fortify the world against the ills of cancer and have directed our efforts towards 2 Pillars of ARREST and SHADOW. Over the last 2years, we have been actively creating awareness of cancer. The target audience has been to high risk groups and future care-givers. We have managed to create awareness in over 10000+ individuals to outreach programs and roadshows. In addition to this we have been able to shadow 21 cancer patients and provide them with financial, emotional and moral support through their journey.

At Sankalp – the cause that we stand for is what brought us together and keeps us awake at night. We hold 80G certificates and are an organization whose member trustees contribute their time and efforts on a purely pro-bono basis. We are actively seeking donors who could support us as we progress on our vision of fortifying the world against the ills of cancer. It is an opportunity to create a positive impact to not just a few lives but mankind as a whole.




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