Dr. Venkata Ramanarao Parasa

Venkata Ramanarao PARASA PhD is an accomplished Scientist and Skilled R&D Project Manager with 9 years of experience in both academia and industry across the field of infectious diseases, diabetes, cancer and auto-immune diseases. Parasa holds a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary biochemistry and immunology from University of Madras and a MBA in operations research. In his doctoral research, he developed rapid diagnostic assays and studied cellular responses in HIV-TB coinfection, which provided a solid cross-functional background across biochemistry, microbiology, cell biology, immunology and clinical research. Parasa then moved to Sweden and had worked as Postdoctoral Research Scientist in the prestigious Karolinska Institute and as Principal Research Scientist in Linköping University where his research was focused on development of alternative disease models to animal research, assay development and host-directed therapy. During his research career, Parasa had developed various invitro cell and immunological assays including the development of complex physiological invitro 3D human tissue disease models.

Since 2019, he has been working as Scientific Project Manager at EMPE Diagnostics AB, Sweden and is responsible for project management grant writing and scientific tasks. At EMPE, Parasa had delivered quantitative probes – for establishment of stringent QC methods, project management – clinical and product development of IVD, grant proposals – resulting in a total of €50000 over a period of one year, and SOPs – for commercial production of diagnostic tests. At VENBIOTECH Parasa is a member of Scientific Advisory team and will contribute with his expertise in 3D human tissue models, assay development and clinical research.