Dr. Bharani Dharan Devarajan

Dr. Bharani dharan Devarajan, is a scientist in the Departments of Bioinformatics and Ocular Microbiology, at the Aravind Medical Research Foundation, Madurai, India. Dr. Bharani, specializes in ocular cancer bioinformatics and systems biology, analysis of genome-wide expression profiles of mRNA and non-coding RNAs, biological pathway analysis, and computational analysis of alternate transcripts.

Dr. Bharani earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Biochemistry from University of Madras. He received his Ph. D (2007) in Computational Biology and X-ray crystallography from the Centre for Crystallography and Biophysics at University of Madras. He then pursued his Postdoctoral research at University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA (2008-2010) and Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA (2010-2012).

Dr. Bharani’s main research interest is in translational genomics of various eye disease and ocular cancer, to understanding the complexity of biological processes and to identify diagnostic molecular markers for more effective and personalized therapies. His research is to seek an agile and predictive understanding of how genetic variants and alternate transcripts that results Retinoblastoma, and other ocular cancers including lymphoma, melanoma using DNA microarrays and next generation sequencing. eye diseases including ocular cancers. In tandem, his lab is also developing mRNA and microRNA biomarkers of Retinoblastoma tumor progression, recurrence in ocular lymphoma, and other ocular diseases. His lab analyzes whole exome/genome dataset, genome-wide expression profiles, alternate transcripts networks, biological pathways to get critical answers faster.