Dr. Venkata Ramanarao Parasa

Dr. Venkata Ramanarao PARASA is a Principal Research Scientist at Linköping University, SWEDEN. His research interests are diagnosis, assay development and host-directed therapy. After completing PhD in 2010 at University of Madras, INDIA, Ramana was invited to Karolinska Institute, SWEDEN as a Postdoctoral Research Scientist, where he developed in vitro human tissue models based on primary cells and cancer cells. Later, Ramana joined Linköping University, SWEDEN and is currently a Principal Research Scientist investigating chemo-resistance of breast cancer, epigenetic training of immunity and host-directed therapy for respiratory infections. He is primarily accountable for planning, managing and executing several research projects with ownership of writing grant applications and liaising within team and collaborators across multiple disciplines for timely completion. Notable accomplishments include Fellowships from Indian Council of Medical Research and Lady Tata Memorial Trust; publication of book on diagnostics and several peer-reviewed research articles; Expert Reviewer for Drug Discovery Today Journal and Editorial Board member for Journal of Academia and Industrial Research; and Investigator for two project grants from Swedish Research Council. Ramana associated with Sankalp Beautiful World with the aim of discovering point-of-contact tests to cancer. Presently, Ramana is an Expert Advisor to Sankalp Beautiful World and is responsible for drafting SOPs for the organization and writing fund-seeking applications.